Friday, January 26, 2007

A New Day is Dawning

I'm so excited that I'm at a loss for words. As you will soon come to realize, I am rarely in such a predicament. I have been reading blogs for so long that I don't know why I didn't start this much sooner. Well, enough of that. Where should we begin? We will have wonderful conversations covering any number of topics. Some of my favorites include travel, food, movies, diet and exercise, and the male psyche.

The Male Psyche

I will need much help with this one because, and I wince at this admission (don't tell my boyfriend), I don't really know all that much about men. They say they are simple creatures, and I bet some of them are, but mine is not. He is quite possibly the furthest thing from simple. I'm more simple than he is, and that's something else you will learn. I'm not simple at all. I'm quite confusing really. Hell, I confuse myself. But more on all that later...

I'm really just starting this to talk about my thoughts. I talk to myself too much as it is, and now I will have the chance to share my thoughts with all of you. Please comment on anything you deem worthy. I would love all the feedback and input I can get.

I look forward to sharing many experiences, good and bad, with you. Enjoy!

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