Monday, February 5, 2007

Starting again, again.

The Diet

I have been slowly, but steadily, losing weight for the last 14 months. Before I moved to Dublin I was at an all time high of 148 pounds. And no, I'm not going to round that up to 150, thank you very much. Dublin was good for me. It was a little tough on me the first few months. I wasn't used to walking a few miles every day and carrying groceries all the way home (it was a trek!). I lost a good 10 pounds within the first 6 months. It was great! I felt wonderful and I was so proud of myself every day.

I joined the iVillage 6 week challenge, and since January 4th I've really been making a push to get down to my ideal goal weight (122 pounds). So far I'm doing really well. These last few pounds have been a little tougher to shed, but I work out regularly and I'm very motivated. The only problem I have is my sweet tooth. I just love candy and cake and cookies (and anything chocolate). I have such a hard time not eating sweets, and this week is my B-Day, so my mom made me a cake and I took some home and now I'm going to eat it all...

I only have 6 more pounds to go. I think I can, I think I can...

The Hormones

Last night I started a new kind of birth control pills (the "Pill"). I have needed to get a new one for quite some time now, as my previous Pill was the cause for some depression. Well, that's being nice. Not "some" depression, a lot of it. I have been horribly down in the dumps for the past 4 months. It took 2 for me to realize the cause of these problems and another 2 for me to solve it. Don't ask. So Joey is thrilled that I may be back to normal soon, and I am too. Depression doesn't go well with me. I'm usually such a happy person. So I can't wait for these babies to kick in and let me be happy while preventing babies. Stay tuned. We'll know soon enough. Anyone have any perils of wisdom for Yaz? I think it's new, so we'll see.

I almost forgot to tell you! I went to Stephan Pyles this weekend ( and had the tasting menu. It was amazing! It should have been for as much as we paid for it (heh) but it really was worth it and I wouldn't change anything about it. 10 course dinner with wine pairings from Texas's most renowned chef...totally out of this world. I especially liked the soup. It was cream of butternut squash with lobster base and lobster pieces. I know that probably shouldn't have been my favorite course, but I'm a Texan. What can I say? The quail was good too? If you ever get a chance to try Stephan Pyles you must. Worth every penny!

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